A few things I learnt by the time I turned 18..


  1. Spend less. You don't need it. You will realise this when your bank account is $0.00
  2. Get more involved, whether it be at school, church or among your friends. You have reaped so much from becoming involved in initiatives and helping out within your social circles and have made so many quality friends from doing so
  3. Have fun. Don't worry about looking stupid in photos. Smile, make crazy faces
  4. Less is more- makeup, alcohol 
  5. Be kind. Bitching will always end in trouble and guilt. Try to NOT participate in talking about other people in derogatory terms with your friends
  6. Make the most of opportunities
  7. Study when you have the time. Don't leave things to the last moment- it's never worth it
  8. Don't worry about making "cool friends" The ones you make and have are so much more than you will ever need- cherish them
  9. Act and enjoy the age you are at- don't try to be older. Enjoy the season of life you are in
  10. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in- don't wear something if you know that you will feel self conscious about as soon as you are in public. It is ok to NOT wear what every second other girl your age is wearing
  11. Don't be afraid of cutting off relationships which make you feel crap. You deserve more
  12. Let people know how much you appreciate them- tell your friends and family you love them. Often
  13. Don't be miserable about your circumstances. There is always somebody worse off than you are. Get off your butt, go help them
  14. You don't need everyone to like you. As long as you are ok with yourself and are happy with who and where you are, be happy
  15. Trust in the Lord. Always
I know that learning is a lifetime experience, and I by NO means have perfected any of these lessons, but it was really interesting to look back on some of the things that had been significant to me over the past years. I encourage you to do the same and let me know something you have learned that has contributed to making you a better person.
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  1. I 100% agree with you sister!! Haha, I'm loving your blog so far btw
    Peace xo

  2. These are all so true and such valuable lessons to learn. I think I took a little more than 18 years to really master a few of these so kudos to you! xx Carly

  3. Great advice, Clare! :) (I've never seen it spelt without the 'i'!) I'm not yet eighteen, but I suppose they are lessons applicable for every age. Great post!

    (Btw, I love your blog design!)

    x Yasmine


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