Cambodia Teen Missions Re-Cap


It seems like it was only a few moths ago that I was writing a similar post about my Vanuatu trip last year, which is probably right because once again… it's very late.

The Team
After Bootcamp (read my Vanuatu post to know what I am talking about!), we flew out on the 25th of December and landed in Cambodia's capital city Phnom Penh and then drove 2 hours to the province of Kampong Chnang, and arrived at the Teen Mission base. We unpacked our duffles and settled into our brick dorm room, which had been built by the previous Australian Teen Missions team, in the pitch dark! It was really amazing driving through Phnom Penh that night, I actually spent a few months there with my family at the age of 5 or 6 because my Dad does aid work there... the smells (not all good), sights and people where so familiar- I can't explain how excited I was (you know... that feeling when you don't feel like you contain it?)

We where located in what felt like the middle of no-where, but in reality where about 15 minutes from a small villiage where we attended church on Sundays, and 1 hour or so from the city of Kampong Chanang, at the Kapong Chnang Teen Missions Base.
Breakfast on our first day in Kampong Chnang
Our project was to build a toilet block and lay a foundation for an outdoor classroom. The 8 hour days in the Cambodian heat where tough, but nothing compared to the satisfaction of finishing and the hope that the buildings will be instruments in bringing people to the lord and glory to his kingdom.
Laying bricks on the toilet block
Lunch, that the very generous church we attended throughout our time there provided for us
The team made even the mundane jobs fun and (most of the time…) faced trials with joy in their hearts.
My beautiful Abbey and Immo- lifelong friends
The team where such an encouragement every single day. There where days when everyone felt bummed out, but there would always be somebody to pick us up, and the vunerability in accepting that things where tough and that the Lords strength was what we needed to ask for was something I really grew through and took home with me.

We spent most of our time building, but towards the end we had the opportunity to visit a school and orphanage, and also our missionary's, Srimum and Phunni's, villiage. In these places we evangalised through songs and skits, played lots of games and spent time in wonderful fellowship. Although the language barrier was tough, I truly hope that their hearts where touched, and that our visits where catlysts in opening their hearts to the lord.
The Killing Fields- incredibly confronting
The kids where SO beautiful.. I'm am fairly sure I would say that in every country I visit, but they where just so much fun.
See what I mean!
I arrived back mid January, and although I am not aching to go back on a Teen Missions trip again anytime soon like I was at this time last year, I absolutly loved it and can't wait to visit Cambodia, and do more missionary work in the future for my wonderful, opportunity giving God.

Love, Clare xx

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